Australia has eight different licensing jurisdictions
with many and varied categories of licenses.

There are Hotels, Taverns, Bars, Off-Licenses, Roadhouses, Licensed Restaurants, and Clubs.  Gathering information on Hotels or Pubs as we colloquially refer to them, has required making determinations as to the suitability of some categories.  We settled on an establishment with a bar with public access, providing either food or accommodation as a basic.

We’ve pulled together some interesting facts and figures about Australian pubs that we thought you’d enjoy:

Establishment Types:

* Others562

*E.g. Saloon (5), Morten’s on Sussex, Vault, GPO Sydney, The Cuckoo’s Perch, etc.


Most Northerly pub:Saibai Tavern, Torres Strait
Most Northerly mainland pub:Bamaga Tavern, Bamaga, Qld
Most Southerly pu:Far South Tavern, Tas
Most Easterly pub:Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Most Westerly pub:Rumah Tinggi Tavern Christmas Isld
Most Westerly mainland pub:Shark Bay Hotel, WA
Most Central pub (geographical):Kulgera Roadhouse (Pub), NT
Highest located pub:Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Thredbo, NSW


Every Pub Has Its Name:

Everyone’s heard of the most popular names for pubs – Royal, Commercial, Railway, and Grand, etc. but never been sure of the definitive lists or popularity of names.


Imperial39Empire17Wheat sheaf7
Golden34Post office16Robin Hood6
Star32Prince of Wales14Jockey5


Some pubs have more direction:

Northern        17                   Western         14                   Eastern                       7


Some are named after animals:

There are: 13 Bulls, 11 Dogs, 9 Horses, 7 Cows, 6 Ducks, 2 each of Frog, Parrot, Goose, Rabbit, Pelican, Crow, Kangaroo, Wombat, Emus, Hound and 1 Wallaby, Cat, Koala, Cockatoo, Cattle Dog, Bird and Dingo.


The Irish!:

There are 85 “Irish – themed” pubs such as O’Malley’s, Mick O’Shea and Dooley’s.

Australian icons:

It’s been popular to name pubs after historical and cultural Australian icons.


Digger, Colonial, Billabong, Aussie, Boomerang, Southern Cross, Nugget, Thunderbolt, Bourke & Wills, Cobb & Co, Bunyip, Black Stump, Dad & Dave, Wattle, Buckley’s, Geebung Polo Club, Drover,  The Man from Snowy River.

There’s also: The Pub with no Beer, The Outback Inn, The Town & Country, The Pickled Parrot, Smithy’s @ Plumtree via Stanage, and The Leap via Mackay. Or, you could stroll to the Amble Inn, The Lue Hotel, The Tap Inn (which has its own indoor driving range). |  Plus: The Linga Longa Inn if you’ve just come from The Nevertire Hotel.


We’ll leave you to explore them!

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